Common Fashion Pitfalls to Avoid for Men


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It isn’t always easy to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends, especially for men who don’t go on social media often.

It is easy for men to make common mistakes when choosing what to wear and what goes with what. This can lead to many fashion mishaps such as something like socks with sandals, which may not be very attractive.

Some common men’s fashion pitfalls are:

  • Clashing Sock Colours
  • Tight Clothes
  • Pleather
  • Trousers Which are Too Long
  • Trousers Which Sit Too Low

Clashing Sock Colours

Wearing bright colours like orange or yellow can impact your outfit negatively by clashing with the rest of your clothing, especially if you tend to dress in a darker style.

If you are wearing dull colours, such as black or grey, slightly brighter socks may be acceptable as it will make you stand out more, however, if you are wearing colours such as purple or blue and have the opposite colour of socks on (green or red) this will not benefit you at all. If your outfit consists of brighter colours then everyday socks would be more suitable, for example, black or white.

A good way to get a selection of designer socks which give you options with every outfit is London Sock Company’s designer sock collection – a recommended classic.

Tight Clothes

If your clothes are too tight to your skin this can have negative effects on your look, especially if your body isn’t toned or suited to the shape of the clothing.

Sometimes people who wear really tight trousers who are a little underweight can result in them looking too thin but at the same time if someone overweight wears a tight top it can make them look larger and make their large figure more prominent. This can often result in hurting the look you want to achieve. With this in mind, always choose clothes which are a clean fit without feeling too tight.


Pleather is a material used for clothing which is designed to look and feel like leather but it is not. It is a cheaper version of leather and people can usually tell that this is fake which is why it is a common fashion pitfall for men.

Pleather can often look somewhat ‘cheap’, potentially to the detriment of the rest of your outfit, making it a risky choice. This is especially true if your outfit is expected to be worn to a formal or classy event. A good way to avoid such a pitfall is simply to spend a little extra on real leather, especially from trusted outlets such as Allsaints.

Trousers Which are Too Long

This can be caused if you buy trousers which fit the size of your legs but not the length. If you wear trousers which are too long for you this can lead to them pooling at the bottom of your ankle which can be an unattractive look.

It is better if your trousers sit just above your ankle and to make sure they are not touching your shoes because this can lead to standing on your trousers and then tearing them which will cause them to become ruined faster over time. This isn’t practical, especially if they are particularly expensive. It’s always best policy to buy a leading brand of trousers which will last you for the long term. A known brand such as Levi’s will ensure you get the quality you deserve.

Trousers Which Sit Too Low

This can happen when your trousers are too big for your waist, however, some men do choose to let their trousers hang low and find it to be a stylish choice.

To prevent this from happening, you should ensure that your trousers are the right size for your waist and possibly try them on before buying them to make sure. It is important to make sure that your trousers fit perfectly as a well-produced pair of trousers can last you a number of years.

Avoid These Common Pitfalls

These are just a few of the pitfalls that men face in the fashion world. If you fix these things in your outfit it can benefit you hugely and ensure that you look smart and attractive all of the time.

Fashion is a big thing that is discussed in today’s society and these tips will keep you up-to-date with your look and how to make it work for you.